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Our Next Commission Meeting

When: Wednesday June 5th @ 10:30am 

Location: First 5 Glenn County -  Conference Room - 1035 West Wood St.  - Willows


Emergency Supplies for families in CRISIS: due to an extenuating circumstance such as a death in the family, child trauma induced regressive toileting skills, only one parent being able to work due to a disability (theirs or their child’s), medically fragile child, families being displaced, or domestic violence victims.

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First 5 California Children's Policy

This original function of the Foundation, coupled with the emerging strength of the First 5 network, created the opportunity to launch a new initiative at the Foundation, the First 5 Center for Children’s Policy. The Center develops research and policy ideas with the goal of helping to improve early childhood systems in California.

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Children and Families Commission

First 5 Glenn County's Board of Commission is seated with five very respected, diverse and creative people within your communities. See who they are and what they do for the children of our community.

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