What is First 5 Glenn County?

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    First 5 Glenn County distributes approximately $400,000 each year to help pay for local education, health, childcare and other programs that promote early childhood development. First 5 Glenn County receives its funding as a result of the passage of the California Children and Families First Act of 1998, which added a fifty-cent-per-pack tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products.     
    Tax revenue from the Act is used to support programs for expectant parents and children ages 0 to 5. The ultimate goal of the Act is to enhance early growth experiences for children from the prenatal stage to five years of age in order to help them be more successful in their school careers and to lead better lives.


The California Children and Families First Act created the California Children and Families Commission, also known as First 5 California. The name First 5 comes from current brain development research that clearly indicates that a child's emotional, physical and intellectual environment in the first five years of life has a profound impact on how the brain is organized. Early experiences significantly influence how a child will function in school and later in life. Attention to and investment in the lives of young children is a powerful means of preventing future difficulties, such as physical, mental, social and emotional development delays and disturbances.

The California Children and Families Act of 1998 was designed to provide, on a community-by-community basis, a comprehensive, integrated system of early childhood development services for all children prenatal to five years of age, in order to lay the emotional, physical and intellectual foundation for every child to enter school ready to learn and become productive, well-adjusted members of society.

First 5 California is the statewide coordinator and leadership agency for the Act. In addition, there are 58 County Commissions, including Glenn County First 5, which are charged with local decision-making and funding. Eighty-percent of the revenues from the Act goes directly to the County Commissions.The amount of state funds allocated to Glenn County is based on the annual county birth rate.

The Glenn County Children and Families Commission, also known as First 5 Glenn County, was created in 1999 to:
  • evaluate the current and projected needs of young children and their families in Glenn County
  • develop a strategic plan that describes how community needs will be addressed
  • determine how to expend local monies - approximately $300,000 annually - provided by the Act
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and activities funded in accordance with the strategic plan
Mission Statement
The Glenn County Children and Families Commission is committed to providing and enhancing quality early childhood development services for all Glenn County children, prenatal to age five, and their families.
Vision Statement
Children in Glenn County will thrive in supportive, nurturing and loving families and communities and be positively prepared to enter and succeed in school to become productive, well-adjusted members of society.

Presence of First 5 Glenn County

First 5 Glenn County makes vital decisions to improve the lives of children ages 0 to 5, pregnant women and their families. First 5 Glenn County funds Early Learning Education, Adult and Professional Education, Prenatal, Infant, Toddler and Child Health - Dental - Mental Health as well as Child Care Referrals and over site support for all other programs that promote Early Childhood Development in Glenn County California.

What's New

If you would like to apply for a position on our Board of Commission
and you have the ability or expertise to advocate for children Birth to Five,
pregnant women and can offer support in strengthening our families, schools and community,
 we invite you!  First 5 holds Commission Meetings every other month (see meetings tab).
 Please contact First 5 Glenn County
(530) 934-6882
Where parents and their children enjoy
 interactive play while building
social and emotional skills for
 future educational experiences and lifetime successes
Dental and Health
FREE Flu shot clinics for parents and children
In partnership with Health Services call (530) 934-6588
Mobile Dental Clinic Coming to your community !
All  children birth to five and pregnant women, with or without insurance accepted!
In collaboration with Northern Valley Indian Health
Call (530) 934-6608 for more information
Call (530) 520-6913 for an appointment
Transitional and Traditional Kindergarten
In partnership with Glenn County Office of Education and Supporting Agencies
DECA - Early Childhood Assessments
 Summer Traditional Kindergarten Summer Camps
Transitional Kindergarten (4 year olds)
Traditional  Kindergarten (5 years old by September 1st of school year)
 Parenting Support Groups
Teacher Coaching and Professional Trainings and Workshops
Intervention Specialists for classrooms and children with special needs


For Parents or Students looking to attend college next year, the FAFSA form for the 2019/2020 school year is now available. Funding may be limited so submit your form soon! Attached is the link to the website. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa

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 of the programs that First 5 offers in our community.


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Adult Education FAFSA

For Parents or Students looking at attending college next year; the FAFSA form is now available for the 2019-2020 school year.  Funding may be limited so submit your form soon! Federal Student Aid Application
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