Little Learners and Beyond

Come Join us every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY from 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. for our Little Learners Playgroups at the Nurturing Nest on 1035 W. Wood Street in Willows!!

Little Learners

Talk, READ, Sing .........and PLAY !!!

A community driven process sponsored by First Five Glenn County gives the opportunity to everyone in the Glenn County communities interested in having quality, early mental health services to participate in the design of such services. The response is the creation of Little Learners which provides services designed to provide supportive and preventative Early Learning and Early Mental Health Services. These programs include activities to increase the skills of parents, caregivers and teacher's strengths and build their connection to the community and schools.  Activities include offering multiple opportunities for parent/child interactions for socialization, literacy, engaging in creative art, music, dance and play interactions together and with others within their communities.

The Nurturing Parenting curriculum was adopted in Glenn County to support the goals of the Little Learners program. It provides parent education coupled with interactive parent/child sessions. It promotes an experience for families who recognize the need for parenting their own children in effective and evidence based positive ways. Topics for group sessions can be determined by the parents' and caregivers' immediate concerns. There is a strong underlying component that promotes increased community and neighborhood involvement. Program staff also provide case management/referrals and short term counseling for families in crisis. Including court preparation and support. Daily play groups and parenting classes are available in every town of Glenn County.

Contact our office at 934-6608 for more information