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First 5 Glenn County promotes child dental care by suppling children 0-5 years and pregnant woman with Dental kits. Adult and child kits include toothbrush or toothpaste and brushing timer, infant kits include an infant gum brush or gum swabs. Referrals to local dentists are also made and information about the mobile dental van is provided to our families.

toothbrush, toothpaste, timer and gum brush

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children NVIH mobile dental clinic is coming to serve your community

Mobile Dental Servies
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First Five Glenn County is pleased to announce the Block Grant Funding of continued mobile dental facility partnering with

Northern Valley Indian Health !!

Health and Dental go hand in hand.  One supports the other.  All infants should be seen early on to establish a relationship with your family dentist or on the Mobile Dental Clinic to ensure that the child develops a healthy attachment to the attending dentists and their assistants.  This relationship will nurture a child's ability to sit in a dental chair and receive healthy preventative care and treatment to baby teeth that transfer their health to the under the gums adult teeth.  This begins with baby's first tooth!  Contact First 5 Glenn County for more information, a free toothbrush and tips on children's dental care.
Nearly 40 percent of children age 5 and under in Glenn County did not visit a dentist in 2010/11. Oral health is important to a child's health as painful tooth infections can impair a child's speech development and the ability to concentrate. Early, untreated dental problems can create a fear of the dentist that leads to lifelong dental/medical problems as well as prevent a child from early educational opportunities due to unnecessary focus on mouth pain rather than teachable moments and learning opportunities.

The Mobile Dental clinic in partnership with North Valley Indian Health, Butte and Tehama First Fives offers dental exams and treatments ( cleanings, fluoride, sealants , fillings) for Glenn County children ages 1 to 5 and expectant mothers - with or without insurance.

The Clinic visits Willows, Hamilton City and Orland about 30 days a year so it is important that children are scheduled for appointments early in advance. For more information and to make an appointment call
First 5 Glenn County at (530) 934-6608
Northern Valley Indian Health Mobile Dental Clinical Staff at (530) 520-6913.
Dental van with children faces on it