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NVIH Mobile Dental Clinic


First Five Glenn County is pleased to announce the Block Grant Funding of continued mobile dental facility partnering with Northern Valley Indian Health !!!
Health and Dental go hand in hand.  One supports the other.  All infants should be seen early on to establish a relationship with your family dentist or on the Mobile Dental Clinic to ensure that the child develops a healthy attachment to the attending dentists and their assistants.  This relationship will nurture a child's ability to sit in a dental chair and receive healthy preventative care and treatment to baby teeth that transfer their health to the under the gums adult teeth.  This begins with baby's first tooth!  Contact First 5 Glenn County for more information, a free toothbrush and tips on children's dental care.

Nearly 40 percent of children age 5 and under in Glenn County did not visit a dentist in 2010/11. Oral health is important to a child's health as painful tooth infections can impair a child's speech development and the ability to concentrate. Early, untreated dental problems can create a fear of the dentist that leads to lifelong dental/medical problems as well as prevent a child from early educational opportunities due to unnecessary focus on mouth pain rather than teachable moments and learning opportunities.

The First 5 Mobile Dental clinic in partnership with North Valley Indian Health, Butte and Tehama First Fives offers dental exams and treatments ( cleanings, fluoride, sealants , fillings) for Glenn County children ages 1 to 5 and expectant mothers - with or without insurance.

The Clinic visits Willows, Hamilton City and Orland about 30 days a year so it is important that children are scheduled for appointments early in advance. For more information and to make an appointment call
First 5 Glenn County at (530) 934-6608
Northern Valley Indian Health Mobile Dental Clinical Staff at (530) 520-6913.

Glenn County's First 5 Nurturing Nest - Little Learner's and Collaborative Partners

First 5 Glenn County receives funds from the California Children and Families Commission to fund the Little Learner's Program.  This program  continues to serve the children 0 -5 years of age and their parents in the areas of our community scoring within the lowest 3 deciles on the Academic Performance Index.  The purpose of the First 5 Little Learner's program is to expand the abilities of families, schools, and communities to prepare young children to enter school socially and emotionally ready for learning. One way that this goal is achieved in Hamilton City is with the Little Learner's playgroup and Nurturing Parenting Program in focusing on families with pregnant mothers, fathers and families with children zero to five years of age.

First 5 efforts support all cultural and linguistic diverse families as well as support the needs of children with disabilities.
Little Learner's playgroups with children and their parents impress the following concepts:
  •  Talk, Read and Sing to your babies, toddlers and preschoolers every day!
  •  Prepare Children to be ready for school-cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally!
  •  Help prepare schools and teachers to be ready for Children-schools participate in the transition process from home, child care or preschool. The receiving school provides parents and caregivers with the behavior and academic expectations of the school.  Preparing them during the summer months prior to entry with curriculum, materials and assessed skill set of their children to build on.
  • Family and Community Supportive Services-education services, social services and health services made available and accessible to every family ensuring that families have what they need to support their child's success in school and in life!

First 5 Glenn County Encourages collaborating with partners

The mandate is to collaborate with local programs and agencies to deliver service in areas of their expertise. The collaborative partners for the First 5 Glenn County deliveries of Glenn County's School Preparedness programs, Early Learning supports, Health / Dental Services and Parent/Adult Educational Services include the following:
This agency serves families of three and four year olds who are not receiving other preschool services by using the First Teacher Program delivering the services in the homes of migrant families.  Migrant Education also funds a summer school program for  migrant children who will be entering Kindergarten. A mobile dental clinic is also funded by this agency yearly, providing screenings for migrant and non migrant families.

First 5 Glenn County provides creative, healthy and supportive care for the children of teen parents during the educational services. Hamilton High School also administrates a State Funded Preschool program on their campus that is open during the school year and has an enrollment of 30 four and five year old children. First 5 continues to provide supportive funding to adopt the Doors to Discovery pre-school curriculum and to coach and support staff in the implementation of the curriculum as well as provide professional workshops for parents and community members.

Glenn County Primary Elementary School Districts
All primary schools serving all four and five year olds entering Transitional and Traditional Kindergarten !! 
This is the access point by which parents and teachers receive information about school preparedness activities and are provided professional trainings within their perspective communities. The Administration and Kindergarten Staff collaborate with First 5 Little Learner's staff in assessing and scoring all children entering Kindergarten. The information collected on these DECA (Devereux Early Childhood Assessments) provide each child's "readiness" upon entering kindergarten . This information is analyzed by a trained First 5 Evaluator and shared with parents and teachers each year.  These scores allow the teachers to build their skill set according to the special needs that entering children might have.  It also allows for teachers to prepare the environment to be less threatening and more enjoyable for children possibly on the spectrum of learning needs.  Parents are given materials and support in preparing their children at home with the information detailing where their child assesses at up to four months prior to entering kindergarten.  They are also provided a Little Learners Playgroup during the summer to help socialize and offer experiential opportunities for children.  Siblings of these children are then supported as well as part of the Nurturing the whole family and strengthening their family unit as well as the community.

CaFS administrates one Head Start program and one State Funded Preschool program on HamiltonCityElementary School campus. School Readiness has also provided the funding for the adoption, training and support for implementing the Doors to Discovery Curriculum as well as supporting family literacy by providing books to families and conducting parent trainings. CaFS also provides an Early Head Start program and a Home Visiting program for families with children ages zero to 3 years as well as services to pregnant mothers. The Infant Toddler Center on the Hamilton City High School Ella Barkley Campus provides services to parenting teens who are attending high school or college.
Through CaFS Resource and Referral program, a Book and Toy Lending Library is provided and is housed in the Hamilton City Library.  First 5 provides the bilingual staffing to have the lending library open one afternoon a week to enhance access for residents of Hamilton City.

The Local Childcare Planning Council (LPC) works to improve the quality and quantity of child care services in Glenn County. The council administrates support to programs to monetarily support child care and encourage providers to continue their education in the areas of Child Development and Early Childhood Education. The LPC also monitors legislation that affects the delivery of child care services and supports area trainings for all individuals working with children and families.

HHSA provides information and community education on health topics and conducts outreach providing services to qualified teens through the Adolescent Family Life and Cal- Learn programs. Utilizing the First 5 Nurturing Nest in Willows, Glenn County Health provides Woman Infants and Children (WIC) services.
Mental Health Services are provided for Glenn County children and their parents.  First 5 partners in this effort by providing equipment and materials for individual counseling in the private PCIT (Parent/Child Interaction Therapy) therapy rooms provided by HHSA licensed therapists through the Department of Mental Health.  These specialty therapy rooms are located in Orland and Willows.  First 5 supports all Mental Health needs with Family Engagement Groups, Support Groups, Family Court Support Services, Parenting Classes and Child support playgroups for health Early Learning and Social - emotional support.


The Nurturing Nest

 The Glenn County Nurturing Nest brings together a number of community based organizations that include:
 Willows/Murdock Elementary School TK - Transitional Kindergarten, K - Kindergarten, Support services for children up to 8 years of age needing additional school and social - emotional support and guidance.  Orland - Mill Street Elementary TK - Transitional Kindergarten, K - Kindergarten, Support services for children up to 8 years of age needing additional school and social-emotional support and guidance.
 First 5 Little Learners Playgroups and supportive services are provided at Hamilton City Elementary School, Hamilton City Community Library, Hamilton City Early Head Start, Head Start and State Preschools Playgroups and Glenn County Health Services with Flu Clinics and Car Seat installation and safety. These collaborative partners offer all families of Glenn County and surrounding areas easy access to resources and programs in the areas of Health, Safety, literacy, Socio-Emotional and Early Mental Health Development for children's Early Learning and their parents..  Literacy is provided through Parent/Child Engagement sessions, Classroom support at schools, Nurturing Family Nights  and Local Park play groups in each identified town.  First 5 provides support and activities in all county events that serve children and families.  Such as, The Prevention of Child Abuse Fair, The Family Resource Fair, Health Fairs, School district events, Make a Kid Smile Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, Foster Parent Support Services, School Readiness Assessments for children entering into TK and K at all county school districts and Charter School Walden.


Talk, READ, Sing .........and PLAY !!!

A community driven process sponsored by First Five Glenn County gives the opportunity to everyone in the Glenn County communities interested in having quality, early mental health services to participate in the design of such services. The response is the creation of Little Learners which provides services designed to provide supportive and preventative Early Learning and Early Mental Health Services. These programs include activities to increase the skills of parents, caregivers and teacher's strengths and build their connection to the community and schools.  Activities include offering multiple opportunities for parent/child interactions for socialization, literacy, engaging in creative art, music, dance and play interactions together and with others within their communities.

The Nurturing Parenting curriculum was adopted in Glenn County to support the goals of the Little Learners program. It provides parent education coupled with interactive parent/child sessions. It promotes an experience for families who recognize the need for parenting their own children in effective and evidence based positive ways. Topics for group sessions can be determined by the parents' and caregivers' immediate concerns. There is a strong underlying component that promotes increased community and neighborhood involvement. Program staff also provide case management/referrals and short term counseling for families in crisis. Including court preparation and support. Daily play groups and parenting classes are available in every town of Glenn County.

Contact our office at 934-6608 for more information.

Supporting the Social-Emotional Development of all TK Students

Self control, resilience, the ability to solve problems - these and other socio-emotional skills are a key building block on which all future learning and success in school depends.

But when students experience extreme circumstances in life that impede their ability to learn, educators require specialized instructional approaches to support their learning.

We are pleased to offer workshops at this year’s TK Conference that focus on supporting the social-emotional development of our most vulnerable students.


The following workshops will be offered by our expert presenters:



Supporting Young Immigrant and Refugee Students through Safe and Welcoming Environments 
Session 1 Workshop:  10:15a.m. – 12:00p.m.

Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez, Director, Educator Support for Immigrant and Refugee Students, Californians Together

This session will provide teachers and site staff with knowledge, resources and tools to create supportive environments for young immigrant and refugee students. Areas covered will include: classroom-based lessons and activities, addressing mental health within the classroom and at the school site, engaging and supporting immigrant families. This session will be interactive, and participants will leave ready to meet the needs of our most vulnerable students.


How to Foster a Trauma-Informed Approach in Your Work with Students 
Session 2 Workshop: 1:10p.m. – 2:55p.m.

Mary Donnelly-Crocker, Executive Director, Young & Healthy 

In this session, participants will gain information and tools on addressing the needs of children who have experienced trauma. Participants will receive training in the creation of trauma-informed classrooms to enhance attention, increase executive functioning, and increase pro-social behavior and self-regulation among students. In addition, participants will receive supplies for use in daily mindfulness activities with their students, as well as modeling of best-practice approaches.


Visit website for full list of presenters and workshop descriptions






Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Location: Los Angeles Marriott LAX

This one-day event, provides Transitional Kindergarten educators with a unique opportunity to hear and learn from experts in the field of early childhood education, obtain actionable tools that can be implemented readily in the TK classroom and share knowledge and ideas with other early childhood educators.